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Excerpt from Dupontís Compensation Committee Report on Executive Compensation

The Committee recommends to the Board specific individual compensation actions for the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) based upon evaluation of the CEO's performance against Board-approved goals and objectives. The Committee has the practice of tracking the total annual compensation of CEOs of the peer group to assist in the determination of the compensation of DuPont's CEO. The Committee also monitors the competitive practice of a broader range of Fortune 100 companies. There has been concern over increasing CEO compensation in the market, relative to that of average employees without corresponding accountability for performance. Over the past decade, the position of DuPont's Executive Vice President has been used as an additional benchmark. Total annual cash compensation for the CEO is currently about twice that of the Executive Vice President.

In reaching its decision on Mr. Holliday's base pay, 2004 variable compensation award, and long-term incentive grants, the Committee noted Mr. Holliday's performance and leadership in achieving strong operational results. The Committee also considered Mr. Holliday's oversight of completion of the sale of the majority of the net assets of the Textiles & Interiors segment, significant progress on corporate-wide efforts to rationalize infrastructure costs and align resources, and the successful launch of the new DuPont.  



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