About CompensationStandards.com

Our mission is simple - we are committed to providing practical and responsible guidance in the area of executive compensation, as well as provide comprehensive analysis of executive compensation disclosures. We provide this guidance in numerous forms - through our popular annual week of Conferences and the extensive resources available on this web site, which include both the online version  of Lynn, Borges & Romanek's "Executive Compensation Disclosure Treatise & Reporting Guide" and our issues of the Compensation Standards newsletter.

This web site is a "one stop" resource for information about responsible executive compensation practices. Among other features, this "one stop" resource includes:

  • Online version of Lynn, Borges & Romanek's "Executive Compensation Disclosure Treatise & Reporting Guide"
  • Quarterly issues of Compensation Standards newsletter
  • An active "Q&A Discussion" Forum in which active participants answer technical questions and share practice tips
  • Three popular blogs
  • Guidance on the latest developments and practices
  • Analysis of new plans, features and practices, including sample tools to more responsibly set pay practices
  • Relevant articles and client memos, including memos and guidance from compensation consultants
  • Examples of sound proxy disclosures
  • Portal of thoughtful media articles, including articles about good and bad practices

The Editor of CompensationStandards.com is Liz Dunshee. She also serves as a Senior Editor for TheCorporateCounsel.net.

Media Inquiries: For media inquiries or to forward information for possible inclusion in the site, please send the information to info@ccrcorp.com. Liz is the Senior Editor of CompensationStandards.com, TheCorporateCounsel.net and other sister sites and a former law firm partner practicing in the areas of executive compensation, securities and corporate governance.