"Compensation Arrangements in a Down Market"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

2:00- 2:45 pm eastern [audio archive and transcript to follow]


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With executive compensation practices in the "hot seat," many boards are rethinking their traditional executive compensation practices. Plus, the possibility of a prolonged down market has changed the way many senior officers and boards think about pay arrangements. It's important for boards to do the responsible thing, both for shareholders, employees and society.

Join these experts:

  • Blair Jones, Managing Principal, Semler Brossy
  • Mike Kesner, Head, Deloitte Consulting's Executive Compensation Practice
  • James Kim, Managing Director, Frederic W. Cook & Co.

Among the important topics, the webcast will cover these types of common situations:

  • How do we use historical market data when the whole world has changed? Or should we start from scratch?
  • We just made (or are considering) retention grants for NEOs. How do justify in light of share price performance and high unemployment? Or is it wrong?
  • A company's stock is down 60% and due to a goodwill impairment, it will report a loss of close to $900 million. The committee decided to exclude the impairment in the annual incentive plan calculation, and now the bonus is being paid at 75% of target. The committee decided to pay the bonus in stock, so the non-equity incentive column for 2008 shows zero, and the stock award shows up in the GPBA table next year. Is that permissible?
  • Our company has been placed on the RiskMetrics' list as failing the new TSR performance test. How do we avoid failing the pay-for-performance test?
  • A company does not want to disclose its business unit performance targets, but it's afraid that the SEC Staff will reject their competitive harm arguments. What can and should it do?
  • A CEO does not want to look "grabby," so she wrote a check for personal use of the aircraft in order to fall below an ISS limit of $110,000. What is there to consider?

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