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February 14, 2023

20th Annual “Executive Compensation” Survey: Investors Push for Higher-Quality ESG Metrics

The annual “Corporate Governance & Executive Compensation Survey” of the 100 largest companies from Shearman & Sterling is out! This is always a “hot ticket” item, perhaps because it’s one of the oldest. Last year, I blogged about data on clawbacks – which is covered on page 83 of this year’s survey.

We’ve posted this year’s survey in our “Sustainability Metrics” Practice Area due to the comprehensive article that begins on page 28 about whether investors will ever be satisfied. It notes that there are signs of discontent with the level & quality of ESG metrics.

The survey also has data on equity plans, say-on-pay, perquisites, golden parachutes & more. Check it out!

Liz Dunshee