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February 9, 2023

Pay Versus Performance: The First Disclosures Are Here!

A few pay versus performance disclosures are starting to roll in! This is something that we’ve all been eagerly awaiting – and I send my condolences to those who have had to be brave and take the first leap. These are from smaller companies – we continue to await a large-cap example. Thanks to Aon’s Corporate Governance & ESG Advisory Group for alerting us!

CSI Compressco Information Statement (pg. 8) – The most “mainstream” of these examples.

Praxis Precision Medicines Form 10-K (pg. 136) – It is unclear to me why the company included this disclosure in a Form 10-K – as this Goodwin FAQ points out, the SEC rules only require pay vs. performance disclosure in proxy & information statements; it isn’t required in Form 10-K even when other Item 402 disclosure is included. But I didn’t read this filing or the company’s filing history in-depth to understand whether there is a reason they might have wanted to go ahead with it here.

Panbela Therapeutics Form S-1/A (pg. 72) – Seems to have missed some of the disclosure requirements, but has the distinction of being the first to report under the new rule.

Liz Dunshee