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August 17, 2023

It’s Done: 2024 Executive Compensation Disclosure Treatise – With New “Pay Versus Performance” Chapter!

It’s here! By popular demand, this essential new “Pay Versus Performance Chapter” is the latest addition to Lynn & Borges’s “Executive Compensation Disclosure Treatise.” It provides 38 pages of practical guidance on the SEC’s pay versus performance disclosure rule, the interpretations, and practice pointers from the first season of disclosures.

We added this new chapter as part of our comprehensive annual update to the full Treatise. I’m happy to report that the 2024 Edition is now complete – well in time for the next proxy season. The Treatise is a key resource for anyone involved with the complex world of executive compensation disclosures, which I can once again personally attest to, because I’ve been using it almost every day since returning to private practice. The Treatise is available online to all members of, so make sure to take advantage of this benefit!

Liz Dunshee