Inside Track with Liz: Brad Goldberg & Stewart Lapayowker on New & Perennial Issues in Corporate Aircraft Use (5/24/22)


Brad Goldberg

Stewart Lapayowker

Brad Goldberg is a Partner at Cooley in New York City, whose practice includes counseling on SEC disclosure, corporate governance, and a range of matters relating to corporate aircraft and private plane use.

Stewart Lapayowker devotes his law practice to corporate aircraft transactions, is past-chair of the National Business Aviation Association's Tax & Regulatory Committee, and hosts the internet radio show, "Plane Talk Radio."

Coming off of the pandemic, corporate and executive aircraft use is back in the spotlight in a big way. Demand for private travel is high, but continues to be scrutinized. Deals are moving faster than ever. In this podcast, Cooley's Brad Goldberg and Jet Counsel's Stewart Lapayowker discuss:

  1. The effect of COVID-19 pandemic on the demand for business aircraft - and what the market looks like today.
  2. Two steps that companies, directors and officers can take to make sure they're not running afoul of FAA, tax or disclosure regulations for business versus personal use.
  3. The consequences of misclassifying business versus personal use.
  4. How business aviation counsel and SEC disclosure counsel can best work together to make sure that board minutes and public disclosures are accurate.
  5. The typical timeframe for aircraft deals today.
  6. What companies can say (or not say) to reassure shareholders that private travel is in the company's best interest.
  7. How to increase security around tracking corporate flights, to prevent competitors and media from tracking whether a company is working on a transaction or acquisition.
  8. Key advice that they always give to public companies that are considering an aircraft deal.

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