"Executive Compensation Disclosures: 51 Tips"

Come Play With Us! This game is called "Executive Compensation Disclosures: 51 Tips.” Our goal is to generate a bunch of practical tips that can increase the effectiveness of the processes for – and content of – your company’s executive compensation disclosures.

What's In It For You? Four things:

  1. You participate in a fun game.
  2. You learn practical tips to improve your compensation disclosure skills.
  3. You share some practical tips with an eager audience.
  4. You achieve fame (if you want). You get points and - if you are one of the five top scorers - get your name placed in the Hall of Fame. If you wish to remain anonymous, that is fine too. No one will be acknowledged publicly unless they consent.

How to Play: Send us some practice tips on how to best navigate or improve the compensation disclosure drafting process or draft better disclosures, including things that you have seen a lot of companies do wrong this proxy season. Keep your tips brief (three or four sentences and not more than 50 words). Send us at least one tip and not more than five tips before the deadline.

How to Win: Any tip earns you 10 points. The best tips receive a bonus score of 50 points, the second-best ones earn 30 points, and the third-best ones earn 15 points. If you are among the top five scorers, your name is added to our Hall of Fame (if you consent to being named). All participants will be sent an email with their point total.

How to "Cheat": Reflect on your own experience and derive important tips. We also encourage you to borrow ideas from your friends and coworkers. This really isn’t cheating but my kids are always looking for the "game cheats," so I felt compelled to act like there might be "cheats" involved.

How to Send Your Tips:  Just email them to broc@naspp.com. Remember the limit of five tips. The deadline is close of business on Wednesday, August 1, 2007.

Thanks for playing! Broc Romanek, Editor, CompensationStandards.com